• The entire course comprises 700 teaching units à 45 minutes and consists of a language course and orientation course.
  • The lessons are always 4 times a week

       (No lessons are held during the Hamburg school holidays!)

Language course:

A placement test will be carried out before starting the language course.

The language course part consists of 600 teaching units. The aim of the language course is to acquire German language proficiency at the level B1 of the European language certificates.

The achievement of this goal is examined with the final test "German for immigrants". If the language skills are not sufficient, a repetition of 300 lessons inclusive examination is possible.

Orientation course:

This course section consists of 100 teaching units. This is where basic knowledge about the democratic system, the history and the Society of Germany is conveyed.

The acquired knowledge is examined in the test "Life in Germany".


All tests are carried out regularly on the school premises in Zeißstraße.

Child care:

During the lessons there are a few childcare places (to a limited extend) for children up to the age of 3 years with daily care mothers in our building.

The costs depend on the family income.

Registration and application for a care voucher is supported by the caregivers.